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Dag Nasty - Tüm şarkıları

Dag Nasty - Mule Şarkı sözlerini "sarkisozudur.com" ekibimiz tarafından sizlere sunuyoruz. Dag Nasty - Mule sözlerini beyendiyseniz paylaş düymesine kulanıb arkadaşlarınızla bölüşmeyi unutmayalım

Came into town ready to play

But Matt said, "Sorry - the show's not today"

Went to some punks' house and heard GBH

But we were thrown out when their mother came home

Hopped in the Mule and drove through the swamps

Ran out of gas for the 15th time

Waited around, hitched a ride

We got a jug and put a gallon inside

Then we rode away on our yellow Mule

But Reardon f~cked up and we ran out of fuel

Went to McDonalds on a Wednesday night

My friends were bored, their conversation trite

But I had come for a bite of a filet-o-fish

Colin said that it couldn't be beat

Lost his appetite smelling Roger's feet

Played a lousy show in B-Town

But we got to watch Gitter's place burn down

We - we rode in on a Mule

O mais oui

We rode a Mule

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