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Edge Of Destruction
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Im humble because I know what it feels like to be at the bottom and have nobody

No Fans, no nothing

Nobody believing in ya

Now Look at Me

I was down on the ground with nobody

Some in my town said my sound was a hobby

Now that Im crowned theyre astounded and oddly

They try and come around now Im somebody

Middle finger in the air

With a hope and a prayer

I started this

Never had no money then my daughter hit

That was a get up and hustle nigga starter kit

Hard to spit, bars to get, at stars when its, not marketed

Youre far from it, dark and your partner quit

Really barking, you wishing for the spark to get heart in your art a bit

But they doubted me cause Im nothing like em, never knew how to be

Stylistically foul, and hes proud to be wild and hes

Thinking now is time to get the crowd shouting

Now people found him, its wow peep his salary

Way back when I was feeling defeated

When inspiration, motivation, was needed

At the pace to be great, I've exceeded

All of your expectations you fakers can eat it

This my world, this my game

All the wicked shit is coming out of my brain

This is my girl, music is my dame

If you can get it I'mma keep it P.I. mane

Why not share the pie?

Scared that I

Would get the people liking me and wouldn't dare to buy your shit

Try to told ya before that my flow sick

Milli sold on the road with my whole clique

Everybody listen in to witness

Tech's whirlwind

In the club with MGK

Thick sex twirling

Fought to the top

Never did stop

Now we got it its fuck the world then

The haters in the past

On my ass

Wanna come around like my ex-girlfriends

For the block I, Gooo

For that spot I, Gooo

To the top I, Gooo

Screaming fuck the world (fuck the world)

Screaming mother fuck the world

Fuck the world (fuck the world)

Screaming mother fuck the world

And thats real

How I feel twenty-four-seven in a city where the weak men die

Doing whatever we gotta do to survive

Head to the sky

Middle finger up high

Scream fuck the world (fuck the world)

Screaming mother fuck the world

Fuck the world (fuck the world)

Screaming mother fuck the world

I remember thinking I would rather die

Than go through what I was going through when I was struggling to survive

Full of ambition and Im ready to ride

No tragedy over triumph and I am a Lion I gotta try

Full of drama, I was feeling like a failure

Fiending for the industry again, I was living in disgust

Doing odd jobs

Everybody seeing me

Traveling to work, back in forth, on the bus

Yeah, I was fucked up

But I got it together for yall

Spit venomous lyrics cause I was ready to ball

Started Po Pimpin on everybody and certain motherfuckers that want to get in my circle I tell em naw

Cause I got to get money up in my anatomy, naturally, and I gotta be gradually happy to holla

At somebody when they speak and they might be on that bullshit

So sometimes its, fuck em I dont even botha

And who knows whats next but three angels chasing dreams

Hailing from the Mid-West, as we spread our wings

All of us striving to surf over the summit

Creating us a vision that would be stunning

When we come to Earth and your city and do a show

You would get to see everybody from miles come running

Yelling for Machine Gun Kelly

And Tech N9ne and Twista get it in better bring something smelly

We could take it to another level, wherever you wanna go, everybody put they hands up Im ready

Come on and get wild let loose

Celebrate the fact that you made it and let me see you get buck

You done been through some shit

But you did it cause you had the heart to throw the middle finger up
From the back streets

To the packed seats

On the block, running from the cops, like athletes

Whoever would've imagined lace up

Could've got me to the finish like track meets

And when everybodys hot, Im past heat

And if I dont need the fuel, dont gas me

Its been a long time coming

Since 100 words and running

Mother fucker come catch me

And while these other rappers pen and pad it

I was 13, with a semi-automatic

Anything we ever wanted then u know we gotta have it

Dont nobody ever snitch, get pinched? You forget like magic

Kids carry tools like go-go gadget

Leaving high school to an open casket

Now another baby in the stomach of his babys mother nevers gonna know his daddy


Whys the government gotta lie to get money?

Whys the federal reserve gotta take from me?

Why we even fighting for another country?

Have u seen my city mother fucker we hungry!

Representing for the middle of the map even though me and mine are coming from the bottom

Why do all greats fall when it isn't autumn?

Where would Pac be at if nobody would've shot him?

Do u really think the Notorious Big would believe these guys?

All these internet thugs that the the media finds

You wanna talk about grind

Look in encyclopedia what name is in it I bet u see mine

Mother fucker this Kells

Skinny boy six foot three

Heart bigger than an SUV

Lord knows I been through hell and back

Ducking jail and crack

And still I came out on t-o-p

This is for the kid who never had a father figure to depend on

Spending every school day being sent home

Feeling like he doesn't know anybody

Because the only thing he ever had on him was his headphones

So he picks a song

And he turns them on

Every morning just to get him through the day

Looking for an escape

In the kick in the bass

Thats the story of MGK

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